Research shows that better mental health at work can improve productivity and employee engagement. In addition to enhancing employee happiness, better mental health at work can help a company adapt to change. This will help improve resilience, and help employees reach their full potential. This is why it’s important to promote better mental health at work, and to create a culture where discussing mental health at work is encouraged and not discriminated against.

To start, companies must educate themselves about mental health among employees. By doing so, they can help destigmatize the issue, redefine its meaning, and focus on developing solutions that help employees flourish. In addition, they can provide support and access to clinical care for employees who need it. This approach can help companies improve employee productivity, reduce turnover, and increase their bottom line.

The first step to better mental health at work is to identify signs that a person may be suffering from mental illness. While mental illness is a natural part of life, it can negatively impact job performance. It affects people at all levels of the organization. If an employee is depressed, he or she may have trouble concentrating or completing their work.

Another way to promote better mental health at work is to improve your relationships with your coworkers. By showing empathy and listening to colleagues and peers, you will be able to build healthy relationships. When people feel more supported, they will reciprocate the behavior, making a better environment for everyone. Additionally, it is important to include relaxation and meditation in your daily routine. For example, try finding a quiet corner to meditate before a big meeting.

Incorporating positive mental health strategies into the workplace can help your company become a top employer. Employees will want to work for a company that promotes good mental health and promotes their wellbeing. By fostering a healthy culture, your employees will be happier and more productive. It will also improve their work relationships and reduce employee turnover.

Employees’ mental health is just as important as their physical health. The stigma surrounding mental health is one reason why it’s important for companies to address it. Speaking openly about mental health in the workplace can help employees overcome this fear. The HBR Guide to Better Mental Health at Work provides practical advice on how to approach the topic.

The study involved a multidisciplinary team, which consisted of experts in the field of mental health and human resources. Moreover, there was a virtual panel of 10 experts who liaised with the project team. These experts included representatives from local government, public health organisations, and the mental health charity Mind.

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