There are several reasons to get trade show insurance. It will cover you for injuries that occur during a show, any gaps in your health insurance plan, and incidents involving copyright infringement or trademark infringement. However, there are some things that a traditional special event insurance policy will not cover, including medical procedures, weapons, fireworks, and booths with animals. To protect yourself, it is best to seek out the assistance of an experienced trade show insurance company.

A general liability policy will protect your property during the trade show. You can get an all-risks policy with a comparatively low premium. It will cover the damages to your booth during set-up and tear-down, but will not cover jewellery or precious stones. It will also not cover money, vehicles, or plants. Moreover, it will not cover terrorism or labor disputes. In addition, it will not cover loss or theft of a laptop or a mobile phone.

Whether you are organizing a consignment sale, a sales conference, or a trade show, it is important to make sure you have appropriate insurance coverage to protect your business. Typically, trade show insurance includes coverage for premises rented and general liability. It also covers certain medical expenses for those who suffer injuries at a trade show. If you do not have this coverage, consider purchasing a limited liability policy to cover a specific event.

If your tradeshow is a large event, consider buying exhibitor insurance. While most policies cover damages due to unforeseen circumstances, it’s worth checking with show management to make sure you’re fully covered. Most exhibit houses will repair damaged pieces or offer you temporary replacements if necessary. A basic exhibit insurance policy will cost you anywhere from $250 to $700. When choosing insurance for your tradeshow, make sure you know what you need.

ShowDown event cancellation insurance is another good option if your show is at a big venue. ShowDown insurance covers cancellation due to extreme weather events. It offers the same coverage as Show Stoppers, but adds additional protection for acts of terrorism. Additionally, this type of insurance can also cover your travel expenses in the event of a loss of income. If you decide to take out ShowDown event insurance, you’ll have the peace of mind to know you’re covered in case something happens to ruin your show.

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